Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doing the Snoopy dance inside

Yesterday's big news was the total collapse of efforts to repeal and replace the Unconstitutional Obama Care. This was a big plank in the platform which got Donald Trump elected President. Popular with the people, but it is toxic as far as the moneyed class, those who buy sell and trade congress critters is concerned. Here we are, 65 days into Trumps presidency, and instead of coming up with a bill even a tenth of what We the People want, they created a travesty dubbed Ryan Care, then shit canned it with out voting.
All the news stories showed Lyin Ryan with a dejected look on his face. If you are not sure what that look is, I will try to paint the picture for you using football. It is the fourth quarter of the championship game. Your team is down by four points and you are fifty yards from the goal line with six seconds on the clock. You've used your last time out and this is fourth down. No worries, you have a great arm, and four of the best receivers in the nation in your package. They have good coverage, but you have a trick play you have never shown until now.
The ball is snapped, you only need the pocket to hold for four seconds until you can put the ball in the air. It holds for three and a half. You see the safety coming on a delayed blitz, but it is too late to scramble. You move and the play breaks down. You hold most of that half second, then hurtle your best shot knowing that the end zone has three defenders and four receivers. As the ball leaves your fingers you feel the impact of 230 pounds of screaming steel and hear the solid unmistakable sound of a bone snapping. It is season over for you, but it was season over no matter what. You can't really see anything, but you can hear the stadium erupt in parts that were dead silent ten seconds ago and know that one of your guys climbed the ladder and made that catch.
Lyin Ryan took one for the team. It is rare for a quarter back to have to take the hard hit, but every once in a while, he has to. Lyin Ryan may be dead meat. The hit he took for Donahue may have ended his career as Speaker Louse of the House, but if the out cry back home spells the end for him, he will have a job for life with some lobby group, or maybe a Wall Street bank. The apparatus in Wisconsin will have time to select a suitable replacement that meets the criteria for the power brokers. It won't be Paul Nehlen. That is not to say he won't win, it means that they will pick their Jeb Bush to run and back. Whom ever that is will be lavished with campaign contributions far above what any other candidate could ever hope to raise. It may very well be a communist err democrat. That K Street selection will also be the one appointed by the Governor if that were to happen.
Lyin Ryan can't dance a jig in public. He wants to. Instead, he is doing the Snoop Dance in his heart.

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