Sunday, March 19, 2017

The CLAMs are manuvering

President Trump issued a Constitutional Executive Order suspending immigration. This second one, in response to the unconstitutional actions of the 9th Circus has now been put on hold by another activist Barry Appointee in His "home" of Hawaii. A lot of people are calling on Presicent Trump to go Jackson, and ignore the judge. Maybe he should, but there is danger in the water.
We all know Lyin Ryan is about as conservative as Stalin who btw was slightly to the right of FDR, and we also know that most of the republicans in congress are also fully lacking in conservative creds. They are looking for an excuse to rid the White House of the monkey wrench we threw in the works. They want to obey their masters, Soros, Wall Street, and the Chamber of Communists and march America into globalism. Judas Goats! They should all hang. They won't. These CLAMs, the Congressional Left, Academia, and the Media are all working tirelessly to stop Trump, and thwart the will of We the People.
I hate to say it, but most likely they will succeed. Most true conservatives are not the type to take physical action outside the system designed by the Constitution. Remember the show Dark Justice? We desperately want to believe in the "system" even though all the evidence shows it is broken. We do not want to see the tree of liberty watered with the blood of Patriots.
The last year has seen the masks removed from the faces of many RINOs. We already knew what the communists were made of, their antics, especially those during the coronation of Cankles were only theater.They are as childish as the southern democrats of 1860 who, after decades of proslavery control in the White House, faced their first ever Republican and could not handle it. Prior to the formation of the republican party, the anti to the democrats was the Whig party, and their last elected President was Zachary Taylor, a slave owner from Louisiana. His successor, Millard Fillmore, while a northerner, was in favor of compromise on the issue of slavery, and enforced the Fugitive Slave Act to the best of his ability. They, along with Pierce and Buchanan represented the succession to Lincoln. All were proslavery.
The last twenty eight years have seen a succession of liberal Presidents. While both Bush Sr and Jr were republicans in name, both showed a tendency to spend like democrats and both helped undermine the progress made by conservatives under Reagan.
If you believe the Bible, and I do, you know that one world government is coming. Whether we die fighting it, or meekly accept it, the united nut-cases will eventually have total control. Then, instead of building a great world version of this great nation, they will build a large scale version of either Cuba or North Korea, take your pick, with undertones of Iran and Zimbabwe to make it all the gloomier. The Bible does not say that is what GOD wants, it says it is what man will create and which he will put an end to.
It has been said before, and I have said it also, We get the Government we deserve. When we choose to sit home and be busy with other things, the leftists who live on the government dime take control and make the decisions. That is how we ended up with Barry vs McInsane, that is how we ended up with Mittens. We got mad, got active, and got Trump. Now it is up to us to make sure he stays there and do every thing in our power to stop the CLAMs. Saddle up or shut up? No, saddle up or speak up. Even if they don't hear your boots, your shouts of anger can fill the halls of Washington.

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