Friday, March 17, 2017

The battle between islam and Christianity has been going on for 1400 years

Recep Erodorgan, Hitler of Turkey, has his boxers in a wad over the decision by European countries to ban the head scarfs which the satanists use to mark their women so they are not targeted by rapefugees. Complaining about the ban, he stated that it "started a clash between the cross and the crescent". Never mind that his buddies in ISIS have been beheading, burning, raping and committing just about every imaginable assault on Christians in regions of Syria and Iraq which they control. Ignore the fact that hundreds of women have been assaulted in European nations since the flood of rapefugees began. Lets not even mention all the terror attacks committed in the name of a false god and the pedophile with a small dick who hallucinated the garbage called the koran.
Mind you, I'm just fine with them wearing the hijab, if it keeps their fugly in check. The problem is that their "men" might use female garb to camouflage homicide vests.
Six out of ten frogs, right now, do not feel safe because of islam. Not that that is news, six out of ten aren't comfortable with Germany being on the same continent, and the US of A being on the same planet. What is important is that 93% believe there is a significant threat of more islamic terror attacks and 71% correctly admit that the security situation in France has deteriorated in the last five years. 88% believe that foreigners convicted of major crimes should be deported. (In Texas 88% believe in deportation as well, but want to use a gargantuan version of a blue rock chucker with corresponding shotguns and standard trap park rules.)
All insults aside, France is in deep trouble. large portions of major cities, especially Paris are no-go zones where law enforcement and emergency service risk life and health to provide emergency services. Liberal judges in Hawaii and Maryland want to bring that sort of trouble to our shores and are impeding the President in his efforts to restore security to America. Impeaching them is not enough. Our congress is led by Lyin Ryan, and is in full opposition to our President. They will not act, it is up to us. we desperately need people who are willing to contest these rino scum before the general election. we need choices that are not commie and socialist RATs. I know we are screwed, you know we are screwed. That does not mean we go silently to the guillotines. There is no where we can run to any more.

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