Tuesday, October 8, 2019

He was an Entrepreneur

Joshua Brown was a key witness in the prosecution of Former Dallas cop and killer Amber Guyger. Brown was shot dead only days after the trial prompting claims of retaliation by the Police.
“This is a kid who had no gang ties, there was no lover’s quarrel. He was an Airbnb host and roofer. All the usual suspects of crime, drugs and sex are simply not there.”
Brown was hailed as a hero for coming forward. reports told how he was working to rise above his beginnings, and some stories listed him as an Entrepreneur. It seems I remember a few other tragic victims of senseless violence described in a similar manner.
Reports out now indicate that Brown was killed in a drug deal gone bad. Well, I guess we all know by now what Entrepreneur means. Whether this is true, or a cover story remains to be seen. Given the details prior to the trial, I am inclined to take this at face value.

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