Monday, October 7, 2019

Too late, you're outta the gene pool

Hundreds if not thousands of people who have undergone gender destructive surgery, called gender reassignment, are having regrets. They call it gender reassignment, but it isn't. It is feel good plastic surgery that destroys natural reproductive organs and makes them appear somewhat like those of the opposite sex. they, however, do not function like the genitals they are fashioned to resemble. No man who has had his penis inverted and been castrated will ever bear a child. He won't have a menstrual cycle, suffer through menopause, or risk cervical cancer. Why? His chromosomes will forever be XY.
Likewise, no girl who has her breasts removed, her uterus and ovaries excised and a penis fashioned from her vagina will ever father a child. There is no way her body can make sperm, and the beard? only from testosterone supplements.
On the plus side, their mental illness which inspired them to do these horrible things will NOT be passed on to another generation.
Of course, some of these people are really victims. I do not say that  tongue in cheek either. There have been several stories in recent months where children were convinced by one parent, usually the mother that they were missexed but when they were with dad they would dress and act like a child of their birth sex should. Child abuse? You bet. That is my opinion, not established law.
This story highlights how many of the people who have been mutilated now suffer regret ad are wanting to de-transition. Gender dysphoria is a serious mental condition. Mutilating them is not hte answer. Pooh Poohing them isn't wither. They need serious intervention, and the shrinks today want to make people happy with who they think they are instead of getting their heads right.
People talk about the stigma of being a "transsexual". Seriously, most people really do NOT care. Most of us grew up in the age of M*A*S*H, and seeing a guy in a dress is hohum at most. Now, if you want us to make a pass at your hairy ass, furgetaboutit. Real men want a woman with a uterus, natural breasts, and no prominent adams apple. Maybe gay men would take on a guy with his dick removed, I have no clue about that.
How many people have undergone gender destructive surgery? The article gives a numer of 5,000 people who are unhappy with their "transition". To me, that is an astronomical number I cannot imaging 5,000 people in the United States, population 320,000,000 wanting to do this let alone the number it would take for there to be 5,000 having regrets. Does that 5,000 represent 1%, 10% or 99%?
Keep in mind that every one of these people will be drug dependent for life. The body of a person born a woman cannot make testosterone, and faking being a man requires it in large doses. the same goes for men who want to be women, there is this issue of body hair, a deepening voice etc. Those all require hormones to maintain the charade. In reality, they are little different from people who have mental illness and are thus homeless and abandoned by society.
We talk about the need to love people for who they are. ??? If some one is walking blindly toward a cliff, you stop them, you don't tell them to walk faster. Love is stopping destructive behavior before they harm themselves or others. Love is teaching a boy what to do to become a man, and a girl what it takes to be a woman. Eventually they could produce children, but only if society in the form of our courts and mental hell professionals quit failing them. As it stands, their chance of contributing to future generations just got snuffed out.

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