Friday, October 18, 2019

Understanding the problems in Latin America

The brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was convicted today in New York and faces life in prison for drug trafficking. According to the news, Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández used state sponsored drug trafficking and funneled money from El Chapo to Juan Orlando's Presidential campaign.
Hernandez has ties to Portfiri Lobo Sosa who is also alleged to have enabled the cartels in exchange for cash. Sosa rose to power in a coup in 2010 that was enabled by Barry and HiLlARy in which Manuel Zelaya was ousted.
President Trump has made a deal with JOH to house "refugees" in Honduras who would otherwise be flooding the United States border. People I know who are in Honduras claim that access to those camps is regulated by the cartels in league with the government.
While the flow through Mexico is abated for now, the problems there still exist and are not getting any better. Regime change and nation building are things of the past under President Trump. We are only going to get involved in problems that directly involve our national interests, and politics in Central America is low on the list.
We get a lot of goods from Central America, not just Barry's shipments of nose candy. Economic sanctions can do more than military intervention
Of course, we have had troops in Honduras for decades. When I was on active duty, my unit was slated for deployment to Honduras. Since I was a short timer, I got transferred to another unit when they trained up for the shenanigans.
It would be impossible for our units, escorted by Honduran advisors, to intercept drug runners when those drug runners are being briefed by the same military who is assisting us. That was back when the CIA was also involved in drug smuggling. As long as the drugs flow, the problems will continue to multiply.
Building the wall helps. We also need to rethink our laws. several nations prescribe death as the punishment for drug smuggling. Saudi Arabia lobs their heads off in the public square. I think we should build a trebuchet close to the border and using a stout noose, utilize it to return them to Mexico for possible prosecution there.
Am I mean? That depends on your view point. Consider this, my method is not nearly as violent as what the cartels are doing in Mexico. Police i Mexico who are not bought off are routinely shot, kidnapped as are their families. Local politicians who speak out are murdered and the press is targeted. Our Journolisters complain about President Trump inspiring violence against them. they should move to Mexico and report on the status o Barry's next line and see how long the live.
We will have to get violent with the cartels or retire from the field. I personally would like my grandkids to grow up in a nation that is fighting against the destructive nature of drug addiction.
with out decisive action, 2024 could mark a return to all the bad that President Trump is eliminating.
Considering that Shitty Schiff's and Nancy P. Lousy's spawn are both tied to China which is the main source of fentenal, it will take a mighty house cleaning to fix anything for longer than two years.

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