Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Poles aren't wrong

Not the ones run by the media. Our allies in Eastern Europe who are backing our President in his quest to make things right across the board. The EU is embroiled in a serious fight. Merkel's misfits are determined to flood every nation in Europe with hoards of muslim rapefugees. Poland and Hungary have stood firm in their refusal to be compromised.
I must say, I understand the what, not the why. Why does Merkel hate the white European people? Why is she importing masses who would slit her throat in a heartbeat, or run her down with a semi in an instant? Does she honestly believe she will remain top dog when the dust settles? I do not get her reasoning if there is any.
I get Poland. They are a nation that has been mistreated by every one. Poland was originally formed in 966 AD and was the first nation in Europe  to have a written Constitution in 1791. Poland was carved up by Germany, Russia, and Austria and ceased to exist in 1795. Carved out of the postwar wreckage of Germany, the interwar nation struggled to regain it's place of prominence in Europe. At the start of WW2 Poland was again decimated and divided by Germany and Russia. In spite of that, Poland contributed a great deal to the eventual defeat of Germany, being the fourth largest contributor in numbers of troops. Poland also was responsible for breaking the German enigma code. And we make jokes all day long about how dumb polacks are.
Right now, Poland is our biggest ally in Europe. Forget Ukraine, they have a host of problems from the breakup of the Soviet Union, and they also suffer from serious corruption as evidenced by them being a major source of the BS known as the Steel dossier.
Actually, don't forget Ukraine. They are shifting to a nationalist standing. They, like Poland and Hungary see the problems associated with the You're a Peon Onion. Err European Union.
Nationalism anywhere is a threat to the globalists who want the one world government which will eventually happen. Yes,it is coming. It is foretold in the Bible, it  will be led by the anti Christ, and it will be barbaric and evil.
President Trump is sowing the benefits of nationalism. Totalitarian nations like China don't like it. Xi and his kind love total control, and as we are seeing with beta O-Rourke, They will be no friend of liberty. The citizens of China know that full well. Sad to say, they know not what freedom actually is.
Just know this, come November 2020 when they are screaming that the polls were wrong, they won't be talking about the good people of Warsaw.

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