Saturday, October 12, 2019

What did he do?

Zero De Niro can't quit trashing President Trump. The waste of space is in Europe trashing our President while promoting his latest film, an epic about the mob as seen through the eyes of one of their hit men. The critics are all raving about this film. That means it is another dud. Maybe sales in China will prop it up to at least break even. Chairscum Xi hates the Donald with a passion, and a chance to help some one who hates America and it's values as much as the raging retard of Fockers fame... Well, would you pass it up?
De Niro says he wants to see Trump in prison. I suppose the President might stop in and pay him a visit. Most likely though, Babbling Bobby will be committed to a mental health facility out of an abundance of caution. He might hurt himself or others what with his TARDS, Trump Administration Rejection Derangement Syndrome, being as bad as it is. That would also be used by his liars err lawyers to defend him from the treason charges which should be heaped on him. Saddly, he won't be charged, and we all know it. the DOJ is too corrupted from decades of leftist indoctrination which runs deep and in all directions. The chances of finding a law school grad who has not been subjected to years of indoctrination are exactly ZERO. Frankly, finding a college grad who has not been through the grinder is like finding a virgin near a Marine Corps base. Make that an ADULT virgin. Marines don't go for the kiddie shit like Clinton's buddies do, and Willie too.
No, I'm not undergoing a transformation, I will forever pick on the USMC. That does not mean I don't respect them, but when your name is an acronym for My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment Sir, you better be ready for shit from the other branches.
As for De Niro, why this unending drama? He spews anti Trump rhetoric with every breath. Who is he cover for? Who has his chain?
We now know why this latest brew-ha started. When President Trump began looking into Biden's bragging about strong arming Ukraine, they weren't flocking to protect the gaff master, this was self defense, every scum bag for themselves. Biden's kid was tied to John Forgery Kerry's step brat and that connection was the conduit for bribe money to flow back to Washington's Elite, but also Shifty's kid has connections as does Nancy P. Lousy's off spring. This latest was circling the wagons out of fear of an attack. Is it coming? bet not.  While most of us who are paying attention are outraged, the corrupt DOJ will protect them just like they have protected their other prodigal children.
Until the swamp is drained, nothing will change. I give the President great credit, his efforts have exposed much corruption. Now, more than ever, the American people need to back Our man in Washington. From my vantage point this fight still looks to be 535 to one. Unfair maybe, but President Trump has one hand tied behind his back, so this is as close to a fair fight as they will ever have. They better try now, after November 2020, the odds will be on his side decidedly... IF we stand with him.

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