Thursday, August 25, 2016

Again? Again!

The last time HiLlARy went on a tirade about a vast right wing conspiracy, Shit was about to hit the fan regarding Worthless Willie. It was right as the dam crumbled regarding Monica and the things little girls put in their mouths. Predictably, the propaganda arm of the communist party got right on it. Every woman who was assaulted by Bill was vilified by Hill.
This is typical play for the Clinton machine. They have a play book as diverse as Jayhawk football. Run right for a loss, run left for a loss, pass attempt failed, punt.
Does any one else buy this B.S.? I know the media are on it, they might as well be a kennel full of puppies chasing a ball. It does not matter which bull shit peddler you tune to, it is going to be the same song third verse, a whole lot faster and a hell-of-a-lot worse.
Asange has said that he will be releasing another batch of her e-mails. Look for some pretty damning stuff, things which will have the FBI and the media turning themselves inside out to confuse. The FBI? Yes. That FBI? The ones who have not found a single shred of evidence that would implicate HiLlARy in any criminal actions for her conduct while selling out the office of Secretary of State.
HiLlARy has a bunch of health issues. People have been speculating on them since before the Communist party coronation in (Land)Philadelphia. Did Bill give her AIDS? Who cares? Did she have a stroke? Who cares? Is that thing on her tongue cancer? Who cares? They only matter if she is electable.
What matters is that she has sold out our country. She has placed American lives at risk, She cares only about her own power. That the democrats picked her shows the depth of depravity of the party of slavery and the KKK.
In 2008 when Barry was their choice, I thought they could sink no lower. Well, I was wrong, and it's not a little bit lower, this is the difference between the hig tide mark and the depths of the Marianna's trench.
Speaking of trenches, if she and the Chicago machine manage to pull off a steal, will Worthless Willie be first lady, or will that task fall to Huma's Abdomen?

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