Friday, August 5, 2016

Chess any one?

A lot of folks are upset that Trump endorsed Lyin Ryan, and truth be told, I'm not tickled about it.
I have said it before, and I will say it again, Trump is the Bobby Fisher of politics. I have played a lot of chess in my life. It's been a while, I'm as rusty as a 49 ford sitting in a corn field, but there are a few things I remember. There are many moves called gambits in chess, a move where you bait your opponent in a certain way to achieve a desired result. Often those moves are way back from the event they trigger. They often involve a sacrifice move. There have been games where I sacrificed my queen, the most powerful piece on the board to achieve a result. Commonly it was to bait away a piece and get it out of position to defend against my attack. When I played, it was typically a blood bath.
What Trump did tonight in endorsing Lyin Ryan is a gambit. It prevents fracture of the party, Now the Rino is bound by it in several ways, two come easily to mind. He must use his leadership position to support Trump, and he killed TPP. That is super important.
Lyin Ryan is by no means out of the woods. It is not game over in Wisconsin 1. Nehlen may very well still take the show and I pray he does. If he does not, well, Lyin Ryan is now Donald's whelp, complete with collar.
This Tuesday was a shot across the bow. Foolscamp got his walking papers, and the uniparty globalists sat up and took note. They bought him, they owned him, we shot him out of the sky like a blue rock. Lyin Ryan does not want to suffer the same fate. Four years out of the spot light is a long time, and his shelf life is short. The globalists are in panic mode at the moment. If the monster vote of the conservative electorate proves as strong as it appears, the conservative sweep of 2014 will continue, and they don't want their bought and paid for stooges to get kicked to the curb en mass.
To my friends in Wisconsin, take note when you vote, this endorsement means nothing. If you vote Lyin Ryan out, rest assured that Nehlen can fill his shoes, or at least stomp them into the pavement.

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