Thursday, August 4, 2016

One away

TEA Party traitor and establishment favorite Tim Huelskamp has gone down in flames. The Koch brothers puppet was elected to Washington by the TEA party movement, but immediately showed his true colors by becoming a yes man to Boener and the establishment crooks who slither in and out of the U.S. Capitol.
Just last week the local media was calling it a dead even race. The photo finish could have been painted by Da Vinci though as Tim was stomped decisively 56-44%. The globalist Koch brothers will be propping up liberal menaces to humanity instead of backing the Doctor. May all their millions be wasted. May they become irrelevant screaming micro minis on the political landscape.
This is the year of the republican uprising. In 2000 and again in 2004 voters sent republicans to Washington because they were fed up with democratic wasteful spending. Instead of being fiscal conservatives though, they showed that they could waste money just as fast as the liberals could, and create useless government pogroms on a scale to make the Politburo green with envy.
That brought the biggest mistake in fifty years to politics as Barry Soetoro and the communists swept into Washington and made hay with our money, our children's money, our Grand kid's money and every thing they could beg borrow or steal from the banks who gladly supported them.
That sparked a counter revolt, and republicans were handed an unimaginable majority with which they did... Nothing!
Well, we the voters are not stupid, we have long memories, and we want our country back. The establishment pack the platform with all kinds of clown for the 2016 primary. What happened? The house of cards crumbled when voters found an Ace they could keep in Trump.
A year ago I wasn't on the Trump train. I knew of his past funding of liberals including HiLlARy, and that made me wary.
Thus far he has proven to be the candidate we need, the life support our country must have to remain a viable nation. Yes, the goal of both sides of the uniparty coin was to kill the United States and usher in one world government. Yes, we know it will eventually happen. Yes, I believe in GOD and trust his word. That does not mean I will idly sit back and let Satan's minions, the puppets controled by George Soros sow havoc.
Trump cannot do it alone though. If all we manage to do is elect him, we might as well elect HiLlARy instead. The globalist controlled members of congress would pass all their intended legislation, then over ride every veto. We need Trump, and we need congress critters who will support him.
The use by date for congress has changed. It used to be that a Congressman would remain loyal to his constituents for eight to ten years. Since Citizens untied, that has changed, and the globalists have better access to means to support or attack candidates. The Court fucked up BIG time. The only chance we have of taking back our country is to term limit every member of congress who even blinks. If they take a dime from the Super PACs, fire em. If out of state donations are the biggest part of their war chest, fire em. We did it in Kansas, so can you.

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