Friday, August 19, 2016

Way to lead from behind there Barry

The SCoaMF will finish his vacation Sunday, then travel to Louisiana to survey damage from the recent flooding. This decision was made after the team of Trump Pence went down and visited with refugees.
It was also reported that Trump sent a truck loaded with supplies to the region. The Clinton Noise Network screwed up and let folks know about that.
The media is in over drive mode attempting to shore up collapsing support for the piap. (sorry pigs, I know you deserve more credit) It has not been revealed whether she will accompany Barry on his photo op.
Too late in my opinion. Barry should have been there ahead of Trump, but he is leading with his behind. I guess that is where he keeps his head.
I expect to see sharp contrasts between Barry's visit, and that of Mr Trump. Trump reached out to Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse, providing them with assistance. Expect Barry to pledge more tax dollars which will be lost through government incompetence. We won't hear about that though. Maybe he can channel it through the Clinton global initiative? Hillary needs campaign cash.

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