Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hell Care about to become law?

The dems seem set to shove hell care down our throats. As has happened in other nations, our health care system will fast become second or third rate (or worse). Don't expect any good to come of this, if you do, you are a moron. many doctors have announced that they will leave the health care profession if this becomes law. It only stands to reason, one way they will "Pay" for this is by slashing benefits. Doctors and pharmacutical companies are already getting stiffed by medicare and medicaid. Its one thing to take on a little probono work, charity is a very common thing among conservatives. We are happy to share with those less fortunate. Liberals on the other hand are also willing to share our hard earned money. Too bad the liberals won't share their own wealth. When a doctor is tokd though that he must service an ever increasing number of patients at a loss, it becomes a fools game to stay in health care. Those doctors have plenty of college, they are not fools, most of them can, with little or no additional training begin a new carreer in an entiely diffrent field. Don't believe it? Surveys show that a huge percentage plan to leave. What effect will this have on the medical field and health care? The free market system says that demand drives cost, but when cost is regulated, demand becomes higher but supply decreases. Young people will be disuaded from entering hte health care field, the number of patients demanding service will increase because its "free", and people with genuine needs will fall through the cracks like water through a screen.
What else will happen? I seriously doubt conservatives will be able to muster votes to shit can this in 2012, but I have hope. I expect that in November of this year, a lot of liberals will get handed their walking papers by the voters.
If conservatives gain a strong majority, this is what I want to happen, I want retirement stripped from all elected officials. I want senior status removed from Judicial appointees. I want it done by constitutional ammendment.
Another thing I would like to see is an ammendment setting an absolute ceiling on taxation. Set the mark at 50%, lower would be preferable, and word it so that all monies collected by bodies authorized to levy taxes be included regardless of what term is assigned to them, whether it be fees, duties etc. Include income tax, excise taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and even include the fees cities collect for water sewer and trash. If a municipality wants to operate as a cash for service only, allow them to opt away from this, but if they collect even one cent in road or fuel tax or accept any state or federal grant money, they must be included. Include in that ammendment a prohibition from borrowing money by any government except in time of declared war for the sole purpose of national defense, and require that all monies so levied be kept seperate and distinct, and also require the voters to vote on continuation of the tax every two years.

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