Thursday, March 4, 2010

Education is a right?

Well, maybe in some fairy tale world, but in the real one, education costs money. Denny at grouchyoldcripple has often pointed out the price of stupidity, and how it compares to the price of education, but that does not make it a right.
Some body has to pay the teachers, some one has to pay the researchers. That some one should be the ones who benefit directly from that education. I hate seeing my tax dollars go to paying a free ride for a jock who will once drafted into the NFL or NBA be making more in a week then I make in a year. Can some one explain why I should foot the bill for that?
I'd also like an explanation as to why I should foot the bill for the countless teachers engineers etc who pass through our colleges. They will make a handsome wage once they get through. A lot of them wil turn into deadbeats and not repay their loans.
This past week I had a tenant, behind on rent, and having said he would get caught up when his income tax refund arrived inform me he lost it all because he failed to pay his college loans. Reality check! You can't get a cup of coffee with it, but it sure leaves a lasting impression, as will his eviction notice.

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