Monday, March 8, 2010

The Religion of Peace is at it again

And resident Obambi, the clown in chief is calling for restraint.
Me? I'm sick of it all. Islam is a religion of peace about as much as a whore house is an advocacy for virginity and abstainance.
Islam has not changed over the last thousand years. Folks oft forget that the first crusades were typical islam raging accross Europe spreading their sickness by the sword. The response of sane society was to mount attacks to drive them back out of France Italy and Spain.
Its time for a new round of counter crusades. islam has been in this latest binge of hate since the mid 70's when President Useless the worst first failed to stop the take over of Iran by this sick cult of death enslaving a once free people. The muslims of the world took note and began to rise up. The problem continues to spread. They will not get the message until we take the scum we capture, feed them only pork products, then execute them by taking a piglet and abusing it as we drop them into a pen with the sow. No, I am not advocating harming an innocent pig, a little scare will have it squealing enough that mom will be murderous.
Another thing we could do is drop a MOAB on Mecca. Add an extra ten thousand pound though, surround the bomb with pork.

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