Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Neck Builders

Bubba, Billy Ray and Cletus, our loco red neck builders are proud of their work. Feast yer eyes on these marvels of building construction.

Every one knows the importance of attic ventalation, it helps to get the odor of unwashed dishes bodies and dead animals out of hte house when company is over.

What better way to keep nosey neighbors from leanig on hte fence? this way you don't need to set the posts so deep leaving more time for important stuff like drinkin.

A handy premade holder for the dish! Lifes improvements made simple thanks to Red neck engineering.

This just makes lowering the roof for moving so much easier, so when one trailer park gets tired of ya you can move with ease.

That big old beam is plenty strong enough, why is the support thingy needed any way?

Every one knows there is cripples by the door, and if we wants to keep em standing they is gonna need crutches.

Although Cletus claims this mosification was to ease over loading of the down spout, I don't think this was done by a real redneck. the holes are not bullet holes.

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