Monday, March 8, 2010

Hurt Locker

Sad to say, but I mostly ignore Hollyweird anymore, but when I saw an article about hurt locker, I decided to check it out (the article, I will not waste money on bad actors with poor credentials).
The article gave notice that Hollyweird films do not do a good job of portraying real life! Talk about breaking news, next up, weathermen are rarely right!
Mostly I was looking at the comments. A lot of soldiers weighed in on the movie. hey guys, its entertainment, if Hollywood ever did real documentary on the life of a soldier, half of the general public would be bored to tears, and the other half would shit themselves inside out. I've know more then a few EOD folks. They are not all there. you can't be and play with HE, thats a fact of life. They have a strange sense of humor, its necessary as well. What they are, is dedicated soldiers of the first class. If they were one bit normal, they would run like hell. the same though is true of Fire fighters, many police, and the entire population of Israel. It takes a special breed. I know it, you know it, and so do the generals who trust their lives to these fine men 24/7/365.
SondraK made comments about jarHead when it was released that prompted me to go see it, the last movie I have paid money to see.
Modern media has turned out mostly junk, especially when it comes to anything about our American heros. Lets just keep hoping that the next time the Jihaadis attack that they pick the left coast. That is where the worst of the sorst by their book is, San Franfreakshow, Hollywood and its crapola.
I can hope, can't I?

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