Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Neck Electric

What kind of a person would turn down hte opportunity to showcase his work accross the web? Certainly not the fellows at Red Neck Electric.

What elese would you use those holes in the end of the plug for? beside, this way you never need to worry about it becoming unplugged.

Its amazing how many wires a skilled electrician can fit into one of those boxes. Besides, why do you think they have all them holes in em?

Care to guess how many wires Billy Ray got into this one?

Just your modern home with a light in the shower.

Had to hide the disconnect for the sewer pump some place close.

Ah modern innovation, no pesky switch to fumble for with wet hands.

Whe nthe breakers are tripping all the time, WE have a solution!

And the reason those breakers was always trippin.

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