Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Total miles racked up by Atlantis in its 32 missions over 25 years. This one shuttle has spent 294 days in space, and orbited earth 4648 times, and now she is grounded. I'm a little torn. Part of me does not like to see tax dollars tossed at the space program, but another part of me demands to know why a replacement has not been developed. Private companies and Russia wil now bear the burdon of space flight as the shuttles cokmplete their remaining missions. It is the end of an era.
Space flight has brought a lot to man kind. It has fueled development in many areas. Cordless tools were sparked by the demands of space, food packaging and dehydrated foods also came about thanks to space flight. It has been the necessity which sparked a lot of invention.
But what else will come of it? Apollo flights confirmed that the moon was not made of cheese, and was unfit for habitation, something a good kids telescope could also do.
There is talk of colonizing mars, but how will that benefit earth? The cost to transport food, or products there and back will be prohibitive. Maybe we could stick the liberals there so they can escape glowbull whoring. What about a penal colony? That would be humane, and would get them off earth forever.
I guess the next step will come from American entrepeneurs, that is provided the gov does not screw it all to hell.
Thanks to all the astronauts who have taken the flight. I'm proud, even if some times I see it as a waste of money.

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