Thursday, May 13, 2010

What really happened here?

Let me start by saying that I oppose the death penalty for Nathanael Sloop. Instead, lets take and beat his face with a hammer, then douse him with lighter fluid and set him ablaze, then return him to his cell with no medical care allowed. After ten days, repeat. In the event of any infection, douse the infected area with lighter fluid, and set ablaze.
But what happened and why? I want to know how a mother could allow such abuse. That she did not have custody, in our present system is very telling. A mom who does not have primary custody is a serious piece in most cases. I do not agree with the present system where the one who wears a dress to court gets custody, let me be clear on that. For a woman to not have custody means that either she was a danger to the kid, or just didn't give a damn. That she stood by and allowed the abuse of her child by this prick is a high crime. I want to know if she was so under his influence or what?
I also have questions about the dad in this case. Ethan did not want to go to moms, and the reason why is important. If it was a case of dad poisoning the well by trashing her, then he is partly to blame in this as well. Four year old kids normally do not resent a parent like that. It is also possible that mom was a total piece of shit, and treated him so bad he had nothing but bad memories of her. If that is the case, the judge who sent him to mom is to blame as well.
We have a court and laws to cover this. I hope his murderer suffers greatly in prison, I want his mother to suffer as well. If dad or the judge have blood on their hands, GOD in heaven will see to them.
In any case, Ethan Stacy is dead because mommy married a monster.

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