Thursday, May 20, 2010

let me get this straight

Kim yuck Fu says that if the South Koreans or anybody else retaliate for his act of war, that it will be an act of war?
Maybe we just need to go back to diplomacy by assassination and give him a little ventilation to cool his hot head. Ideally, since he has aligned with Iran and Syria, the South should align with Israel and let Mossad get in a little training. Maybe PyongYang can be obliterated, or specifically every government building, official, and their host of help, leaving the bewildered residents with out any leadership.
The US is hinting at military manuvers as retaliation. Won't work unless those manuvers involve a 300 mile march north, and when they meet the Chinese Army some where near the Yellow River, give them the ceremonial keys to the city. We don't need to fight the chinese, both nations would benefit from Yuck Fu getting tossed off a cliff. We can do the messy work and let them handle the rebuilding.

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