Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rocks

I'm no NBA fan, never watch, could not care less. For the most part, they are spoiled brats. I have not liked the NBA since they began a regular habit of recruiting out of high schools.
In remarks at Boys Town in Nebraska, Kareem stated that the NBA needs to raise its standards, and I agree. Children turning pro are targets for agents who get rich on the kids work. After teh kids burn out or wear out, they have nothing. and no skills that do not involve a rubber round sphere.
Kareem has shown his multiple talents, from his acting in Airplane to his writing, he has contributed a lot to society and entertainment.
"It’s really neat for me to come out here and see it in reality and seeing they’re doing such fine work. That is so necessary. People have to care about our youth. They are our most precious resources. If we don’t care, what’s going to happen.” He is making an impact today. Good for him, and great for the kids.

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