Monday, May 3, 2010

Survived the vacation

We had our annual sibling turkey hunt this past weekend in the Black Hills. Not much to report, as usual, we missed the good weekends and planned this again for the weekend with bad weather. I arrived in Hot Springs to snow. No accumulation, but the accompanying wind kept the birds in the trees.
Last year I arrived to very nice weather, got the gear out, loaded up and went to calling. fifteen minutes in, I had a nice gobbler strutting about 120 yards out when a cold front passed through, and the birds all went back up into the trees. After six consecutive hunts like this, I was so sure how it would go I did not bother to get a tag, and left my shotgun at home.
I snapped a couple of interesting pics on the way back.

These were taken somewhere east of Alliance Nebraska along Neb 2. My tag line is that this is Nebraska Air and their two flights daily between Omaha and Alliance. There were actually three aircraft on cars, but I only got two pics.

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