Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm a little confused.

AP announced a GOP congressional win, but where the hell is it?The article says Hawai'i, but it also says the seat represents Barack Obama's birth place. This guy represents KENYA? Actually, its kind of funny, there were two dems in the race, they together got 58% of the vote, but their bickering handed the seat to a republican with solid national credentials.
It will be a shame if Hawai'i tosses this guy in November, but that is the likely case. He is a member of the Army Reserve, the son of imigrant parents from China and Thailand, Ivy league educated with a law degree. Well, we can't win em all, but every one has flaws.
A redneck congratulations to Charles Djou. Make Hawai'i, and our nation proud, don't act like a democrat.

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