Saturday, May 29, 2010

Compare and contrast

Xu Yuyuan attacked twenty nine children with a knife. The government of China saw fit to execute him even though no children died. In the USA, Farley Allen Rhodes poured lighter fluid on Starlena Pratt, and set her afire killing her. He gets life. Xu, though depraved killed no one. Farley killed a woman in a most horiffic way.
I am not defending Xu, he needed to die. Maybe we can stat a prisoner exchange with China, and let them practice on Farley and the thousands like him we spend millions keeping alive, healthy, and safe.
I want to see all criminals get a fair trial. The thought of an innocent man being executed is not a pleasant one. It will happen. On the day it does, we need to find out why it happened. No cop, judge, or liar err lawyer should be immune if they intentionally convict a person who is not guilty.
That said, I want to see scum removed from society by the most effective means we have. A rope, a blade, a bullet, it does not matter, execute these scum. Do it swiftly, before it is old news, before every one butthe mothers have forgotten the victims name. Criminals should pay, some should pay with their lives.

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