Sunday, October 10, 2010

The liberal method.

The liberal agenda on firearms confiscation has received a few setbacks in recent years. their unconstitutional laws have been sacked by the courts time and again.
Their alternative strategy is to use law suits to shut down businesses that sell fire arms. In this case, a frivolous law suit.
I sympathize with Elizabeth Shirley. It is sad to lose a child, and to have it slaughtered by an angry spouse is even more horrible. Her suit should target the grandmother, the one who purchased the gun, not the dealer. It is possible granny was duped as well, and I certainly feel for her, losing a grand child and great grand child. Facts are she allowed the gun she purchased to fall into the hands of a psycho. as for Baxter Springs Pawn and Gun, I hope Shirley is made to pay their expenses, every dime, or as an alternative, make the unjust judges pay it. That liberals use the courts and lawsuits like this to destroy the gun industry is a high crime!
Kansas has a severe problem with their courts. the system is set up so that judges can be removed by vote of the people. None have ever been removed! federal judges are in worse peril even with our senate being grid locked. We need judicial reform. We need it now!

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