Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clinton vows US will end sexual slavery

Sexual slavery is a real and serious problem. Women the world over are kidnapped, or sold into slavery. Girls as young as nine are forced to become prostitutes, mistresses, or wives, not only against their will, but in many cases beyond their knowledge. Some of these children have no clue what it means to sleep with someone.
Robbed of innocence, robbed of their childhood, and often handed a death sentence. That is the life they are subjected to.
How many thousands of women are brought to the United States each year and forced into service? The numbers would shock you. But it is not only here. In some of the poorest places, girls are treated like toys as well.
Islam is one of the worst offenders. Saudi Arabia imports people to be house servants, and many of them are raped and forced to be sex toys of their arab masters. That is the arabs who are not interested in mainly boys. In Africa, girls from non muslim households are carted off and sold at auction. Their life becomes on of rape and degradation at the hands of Mohammed's pedophiles.

We will not ever end the sex slave business. We can make an impact though. Mandatory death should be the sentence for slave traffickers. a tall tree, a short rope, and a chance to dance on air.
Every pimp, every madam (including Box-o-rocks) should be hung.
When local police bust a whore house, or prostitution ring, the johns should be given something that Viagra won't counter. Something that makes their noodle as dead as spaghetti. That won;t solve the problem, but by driving it deeper, we can curb it immensely.
Clinton, keep fighting. Put a fork in every pervert out there including Chelsea's father. Put one in Bill while you are at it too.

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