Sunday, October 31, 2010

Army's new Uniform

The latest uniform for the Army West Point football team didn't work out as well as expected. VMI defenders were able to spot the ball carrier with ease proving the futility of the ACUs. That did not keep Army in check though as they rolled to a 29-7 victory.
I still remember Bob Hope's coments at West Point where he praised their push for nonviolence, citing their defeat at the hands of Navy. Win or lose, I am proud of all three military academies even if their officers need five years of retraining to counteract four years of schooling.
Oh, and the new uniforms look sharp as needles in my book.

While I am on the subject of college football, a big congratulations to Nebraska for thrashing Mizzu. it looks like the big 12 wrap up will pit Nebraska against the Sooners. Which brings me to a question I have asked many friends from Nebraska, Since the huskers are leaving the big 12, if they win against OU, do they get to take the Sooner Schooner off their state road signs?

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