Monday, October 11, 2010

The courts approve false statements

Seems the idiots on the 9th circus have no problem with people telling lies for gain. So will they drop the oath for people testifying in their courts? Probably not, but since its ok to fib about being a decorated vet, or even being a vet, it should be no problem to lie about other stuff now.
Lawyers who defend such actions should be disbarred. They are scum.
Our vets have risked much for our country. Awards for their bravery are often lacking. We have seen that with the war on terror where so far, only one living person has been nominated for the Medal of Honor.
At the least, scumbags who make such bogus claims should be taken to the front lines and made to show they have the courage it takes to do what our soldiers and Marines do. Fast rope em into a Taliban camp with a K-Bar and a canteen, then let a predator drone film their successful display of courage and valor.

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