Sunday, October 31, 2010

My predictions for Tuesday

Much as I want to see a clean sweep, I do not expect it. Americans are too lackluster right now. Folks were fired up a few months ago, but things are slowing down as the election psycho err cycle draws to a close. tuesday will see the opening rounds of the 2012 election though, and bet they won't be pretty.
Republicans will take the house. No doubt in my mind. Voter fraud will play in a few areas, but many of hte new democrats will become one term wonders. Heck,man folks already wonder why they voted for the idiot in the first place.
The senate will not flip. Democrats will maintain ther lead there, and the two dependents will continue to vote with them. Expect that all to change in 2012 when the 2006 crap gets handed their pink slips enmass.
I expect Reid will fall. Chuck the schmuck will become senate majority misleader and keep the donks on the wrong path. Thats a good thing. he is a coruptocrat through and through. he will not change. he will pursue Barry's communist agenda, will continuely butt heads with house republicans. Two years of grid lock. It will be tough, but our economy will begin to rebound.
Expect a lot of fillabusters in the next two years. Every time a donk thinks about straying from the pen for a bipartisan bill, they will be brow beaten back into the fold.
The dems can console themselve with one thought, at least they won't lose the White House. Even if the house investigaes the kenyan commie, the senate will not impeach him no matter what.

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