Friday, October 22, 2010

When your last hope is a pariah

Seems all else has failed. Worthless Willie is now the poster child for what a good democrat should be. Six years ago he was the unwanted uncle. Two years ago, his name probably sunk the Hildabeast and we got stuck with Bah rack.
But now, all else has failed. Democtats cannot run on their records, People are mad as hell about Obamacare, cap and trade, and all the other BS the last four years has foisted on us. Since dems regained control of congress in 2006, we have seen the DOW plunge like an SBD Dauntless, unemployment soar like an SR 71, and congressmen dance arround the issues like a Mexican hat dancer on speed.
Bill was, without a doubt, the best democrat president since JFK. (aint sayin much. hell, aint sayin nuthin.) That would make him about #6 of 10 in my life time.
My list?
1. Reagan. hands down, no doubt!
2. GW Bush. Sure he was too much a fiscal liberal, but he believed in defence and even now acts like a true leader.
3. George HW Bush. His one mistake was allowing a tax increase.
4. Ford. he had the guts to step in after Nixon. he did what was right in tough times.
5. Nixon. Worst republican in many decades. he deserted the people of Vietnam. He implemented price freezes and a host of other bad ideas, and he got caught with his hand in the democrats drawers. Still beter then a good dem by far though.
6 Worthless Willie. he should get a medal for all the ugly women he messed with. especially the Hildabeast!
7. JFK. At least he had the balls to stand up to the ruskies, something no dem since has had.
8. LBJ. Saddled us with the grate society. destroyed black families and culture and made them dependents of the government for decades just to buy votes. he did more harm to blacks then the KKK ever could.
9. Carter. For nearly thirty years, I believe it would be impossible for a worse person to be elected president.
10. Barry Obama. This worthless asshat is beyond words, but I'll try. He has no clue how to lead, how to negotiate, or even how to think on his feet. he has done almost as much harm to the black community as Johnsons great society. The afirmative action president is so unqualified that questions regarding his citizenship are immaterial. He knows nothing about the constitution, nothing about government, economics, or ethics. He belongs in prison, not Washington. Without voter fraud, he will be a won term wonder, but Fraud is what he is good at. The only thing from what I can tell. He is so bad that when he campaigns for a fellow dem, their ratings drop. That is why Clinton is on the trail. lets hope voters have good memories, and that sixteen classes of new voters are not deceived.
Willie, I hope your time is not entirely wasted, may you find a few ugly women to bob you knob. Just no voters to buy your crap.

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