Monday, October 18, 2010

A destructive congress deserves no respect from voters

Jim Abrams, Political propagandist for American Pravda Thinks that voters are not giving congress enough respect. He touts how this congress is the most productive since 1966 when a few democrats sided with republicans to pass civil rights, and Democrats enacted the grate society legislation.
Jim, first and foremost, we sent em to Washington to REPRESENT us, not lord over us. They are there to be our voice, not the voice of George Soros, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. We don't need a sitcom called congress knows best, most of them have no clue. How many of them have held productive jobs in the last ten years? How many of them have EVER held productive jobs?
Sadly, too many congress critters are liars err lawyers. Besides being bottom feeders, they are predators, attacking those who make money, produce jobs, produce wealth, and strengthen our economy. But what would you know about that Jim? You are a reporter, another POS who contributes NOTHING to the national growth. You, like every entertainer are a leech on society. In good times, we tolerate you. We want to be entertained, and hopefully informed. You entertain, that's for sure, much like a clown, or a comedian. You are singing the praises of the most DESTRUCTIVE congress ever.
If you took a moment to examine what they have done, you wold be screaming for their removal from office. Are you paid campaign dollars to write the Bull shit you posted? If not you are stupid. You are giving them free press, and packing it with lies.
This congress is an utter failure. They Stimulated a 7% unemployment problem into a 10% one. Paid off the unions with cash for clunkers. Sunk the health insurance industry, are set to torpedo the best health care system in the world as a result. How many folks go to France for special health needs? Or Canada, or the great socialist success story Cuba? People come here for the cutting edge stuff.
You are right we did not have gridlock. Maybe if we had, they would have been forced to enact reasonable legislation. They had a majority in the house, Nancy P Lousy as screecher, a super majority in the senate, with nary a chance for a filibuster, until Massiveclueless sent a republican to fill the floaters water soaked shoes. Yet they still failed to get much of their legislation through because they wanted too much.
Did you notice the town hall meetings? That was not astroturf. Did you see the marches by conservatives on Washington? we were not bussed in by unions, or paid to be there. Yet still you and congress fail to get the message.
Nov 2 marks the end of the most destructive congress ever. Had they listened to the people, it might be different. Dems lost their majority when the spending got too out of control. Republicans changed that. Then the republicans started to act like democrats. When the dems mocked the republican spending in 2006 and 2008, people listened. What we now realize is they were saying republicans are rank amateurs in the run away spending arena.
This generation, like mine in 1980 learned a lesson. In twenty of so years, communism will make a come back, and democrats will again have too much power.
Its nice to know the unproductive part of society is happy with this congress. folks in entertainment, the ones on welfare, and all the other leeches were well fed. Now its time to clean up the mess the dems caused.
The most productive congress will be the one elected in 2012 to clean up this mess. I don't hold much hope for 2010, Barry the Bungler will have veto power. In 2012, we get a new prez, and a chance to replace a whole heap of dumb ass democrap senators. 21 anticapitalists and two dependents who caucus with them will be up for grabs. Heck, it possible even Hawaii and California could flip given how angry voters are now. Keep in mind, 2006 was the century of the democrat, and like hitlers 1000 year reich, it aint gonna last that long.
You also try to pass the buck by noting how the stimuless was passed by the previous congress, which was controled by the same bunch of thugs err democrats. Minus of course, Floater and Robert KKK Byrd, both of whom finally took advice to fuck off and die.
So in ending Jim, all I can tell you is get a clue. After that, try a real job. They are scarce right now, but as soon as dems are out of power in congress, that is sure to change.

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