Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 2012 campaign kicks off TODAY

Sick and tired of campaign trail rhetoric? hoping for a reprieve from the endless commercials telling you just how bad some candidate is? Not to worry, its all over for 2010. 2012 starts today. Its time now to review the vote, study the mistakes, and try to understand just how in the heck Californians could elect an idiot like moonbeam Jerry Clown as governor.
I understand pollution is a serious problem on the coast. Pollution has adverse effects on oxygen absorption in the body. Low O2 means low IQ. splains it all. Oh, and their school systems are an utter failure too.
Back on task, its time to start looking for viable candidates for 2012. We need honest conservatives without a closet full of skeletons. Work on educating your liberal neighbors as well. Smacking them upside the head with a bat is satisfying, but in only increases the level of brain damage. Better to flood them with facts, then sit back, a safe distance, and watch their heads explode.
Find a tea party person you can trust. vet them then promote them. get the ball rolling. When the primary arrives, do every thing in your power that is legal and ethical to get them elected. Then, on the day after the primary, get behind who ever won and support them, remember, better a RINO then a liberal/communist/ progressive/democrat jerk.
Thought you had a break coming? sorry. Just wait until October 2012 when the 2014 cycle kicks off a month earlier still.

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