Friday, November 19, 2010

for useless dogwood.

Wow! I was wondering if you could tell me when the trial for Senator ensign will be held? Gee, I don't see anyone here defending Ensign. PS, most folks capitalize the first letter in names. As for what is done with him, that would be up to the senate ethics committee, currently chaired by democraps. I just don't want to miss it! I am so looking forward to you people standing behind him and saying that his situation is so much different than Rangels. Republicans weed out their problems, or they resign. Almost to a man, it is democraps who remain in the house or senate after getting in trouble. You all have Waters, Rangel, and Jefferson to deal with. Delay went out the door even though he was later found not guilty Larry Craig finished his term and left office. That is what you do, right? I don't stick up for Rangel I think he should be out of congress. The difference between me and you is I don't stick up for people just because they are in my party. You are hypocritical. All of you worship Reagan even though taxes were higher under him,Gee Wiz, I remember something called the Reagan tax CUTS. the deficit rose enormously under him. Bush turned the white house into an ATM for his rich buddies. Dude, it was Worthless Willie who was selling nights in the Lincoln bedroom. He passed tax cuts for the wealthy that WERE NOT PAID FOR. He started an illegal war that WAS NOT PAID FOR. In case you missed it, Worthless Willie repeatedly bombed Iraq. Yes, it was most likely to distract from his affairs with Monica,but every leading, or if you are correct, misleading dimocrap said Saddam needed to be removed from power. Difference is, Bush did it. Question for you, is the world to day better off with Saddam gone? We have had more Americans die in that war than on 9/11, makes sense right! And radical islam has lost hundreds of thousands of radicals. Better for that battle to be fought in shitholeistan then on American soil. You people can't stand Muslims and yet our men and women are fighting next to and for the Muslims in Afghanistan. I guess they hate America. Me thinks you have spent too much time in a pew at that retarded left wing preacher Fred Phelps' place. Yes, we despise islam, but then, their stated aim, and obvious efforts are to kill all us infidels. You people say the republicans will create jobs, unfortunately they will be all overseas thanks to all the tax breaks the republicans support for outsourcing. You mean like GATT, Al Bores brain fart? or NAFTA which worthless Willie got us into?You people claim to be pro life, but I guess that it depends on the age of the life. Some how you fail to understand that prolife and projustice are compatible. No unborn child has committed a crime worthy of death. Most of the scum in our prisons deserve to die in a most painful manner.You are against abortion in the case of rape or incest so a daughter can now give birth to her own brother or sister at the ripe old age of 12. We have no problem with making the kid a single parent statistic. That would help to deter other molesters from assaulting their daughters. How is it that you are pro life and pro war? How many babies died in Iraq while still inside their mothers womb? Most of them were slaughtered by their fellow muslims, not Americans. Ask that question of your beloved muslims why don't you? Oh and by the way, under my president every single tax payer will receive a tax cut, he is just against giving an additional cut to the wealthiest. Republicans say it is needed to create jobs and yet it's been in place for ten years and look where our economy is now. Prior to Nancy P Lousy, screecher of the house taking power, we had a booming economy. We also had several prominent republicans call on the dems to do something about the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac problem before the bubble burst. What was the DOW at when She took the reigns? Where is it now? What was the unemployment rate? Or should I say funemployment? The republicans voted against the small business tax cuts proposed by the president. More correctly they voted against all the other crap that was in the bill. Maybe if you people actually made a point without being hypocrites some might consider you relevant. As of now, all you show is your hatred of a black president. Why is race still an issue? Its his policies we hate, not the man. If you took a moment to look at national polls, you would see he remains popular, yet almost all of his policies are in low double or even single digit levels. Race is the new Godwins law. When you have nothing to use for evidence you always play the race card. Sorry, it doesn't work here. Yes, Obama is black. Yes, he is the worst president ever. Blacks will suffer because of that. Had the first black been a man who had some leadership ability such as Collin Powell, it would be very different. Instead, racists in the dem party chose an affirmative action figure head to ensure that no black would be a relevant figure for the next fifty years. By the way my dog has more intelligence in her paw than Sarah Palin has in her whole body. Ooh, that brings up the other point, if Sarah Palin weighed 200 lbs and had a unibrow no one would listen to a word she says. When I took to following what Palin was saying, I had no idea what she looked like, nor did I care. She was on point and correct. She was also very pregnant, certainly not something most guys consider a beauty point when deciding whether a lady is hot. Looks matter for you shallow democrats. Republicans listen to ideas. You people are so shallow. Well, I hope you have a great day! I hope it didn't hurt your brain too much by giving you too much accurate information. Too much accurate information? You gave us exactly zero accurate info. Dude, you missed the mark by a mile, and you were standing at the six meter line.

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