Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA searches

I cannot help but wonder what impact the TSA assaults would have had if they had been implemented a month sooner. America is in an uproar. The ones who are not pissed apparently do not travel. I fly but rarely. It has been nearly ten years since I was last on a commercial airliner, but I am still outraged.
It is my sincere hope that the incoming congress will not finance this abomination. That funding for the TSA will be slashed, and we will get smart about it. Profile baby. Eighty year old grannies are not attacking airplanes, its young men of middle east origin, and muslim cult brain washing. The Israeli's profile, we should as well. If the TSA would get their heads out of their asses, life would be so much better. Yes, It will mean a lawsuit by CAIR, but if we can get an appellate judge to throw it out before it comes to trial, and get the Supreme injustices of the court to back it up, we can hand them their asses, and a won way ticket to Kenya, along with the imposter in chief.
The best measures would be to 1. Arm Pilots. Make em all pack, and make em all qualify.
2. Air marshals on every flight. To conserve on man power, make em part of the crew, and keep them in a position where they are not rubbing elbows with the passengers.
3. Make plain cloths air marshals a little less obvious. Let em dress like regular folks, and figure a simple way to have them get their gun on board without making it obvious.
4. Bacon bullets. Arm every one of em with a round that consists of a compressed pellet of bacon in an acrylic case so it will break on impact and impart pork into the blood of any would be jihadist. let em know for sure they are going to hell.
The terrorists are winning. Not because they have caused more deaths destruction or mayhem, but because the GOV lets fear rule the day.
Again googoo wants me to capitalise muslim. Aint happening. maybe I should switch to mooslime.

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