Saturday, November 20, 2010

What say?

Seems some dumb ass thinks a fair tax involves adjustments for those in high COL areas. GMAFB! People who live in Californication and New York deserve what they get. They not us midwest folks choose who is in charge there. They elect idiots like moonbeam and der Gropenfurer, and then whine about the results. get a clue dickweeds, if California is great, love it and live with it. If it aint, vote the ass hats out or move.
Costs should be higher in Mid America. After all, imported shit hits the coast and has virtually zero transport costs. Vegies and fruits grown on the coasts also have zero trans costs as well as all the junk imported from Eewrope. The reason it costs a ton to live in cAlifornia and new york is liberal party tricks. High taxes mean higher costs. Those costs incur more taxes, and the vicious cycle ends up costing the idiot voters a bundle. The ones who get fed up and move too often bring their failed ideas with them, the same dumb ideas that make California the utopia it isn't.
I hope Californians enjoy the next four years under moonbeam. CD, I hope you can afford to move and soon.

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