Saturday, November 13, 2010

Religion of Peace?

The religion of Piss is at it again. Seems a christian woman working with muslim women in Pakistan was told to fetch water. the muzzies objected, and later accused her of blaspheming the pedophile. Frankly, anything she might have said would have been a compliment, but that's beside the point. Islamic extremism is rampant. We have idiots here in America that deny it will happen here when muslims become stronger and more confident, just like it has not happened in France , England, Belgium and the rest of Europe.
People who think Islam is anything other then a gutter cult are clueless. Their oppression manual says to kill all infidels. That means you. It does not matter to them if you are an atheist, agnostic, Or Jew. heck, they go after their own varying sects with as much enthusiasm as they attack Israel.
A Kansas republican from Pretty Prairie forwarded an E-mail regarding muslims and whether they can be good Americans. By reading the comments, you get the impression that Topeka is full of clueless deniers who cannot see what Islam is through out the world. Its like befriending a serial child molester. He is gonna seem like a typical average guy. heck, you could trust him with your wife in most cases. Just not your prepubescent son. Islamics here are the same way. They behave because they are a weak group. They are missionaries sent to create a good impression here and convince people that islam is not violent, and that some how the violence in the rest of the world is the fault of nonislamics.
Asia Bibi has the misfortune of being Christian in an islamic controlled country. Depending on World outcry, she most likely will be executed, or lynched. Ever notice the Christian martyrs kill no one and are slaughtered by Satan's spawn? Yet islamic martyrs are the better known as splodydopes? Strange coincidence? probably not.
Googoo's spell check wants me to capitalize muslim. Fuck em, muslims do not deserve the respect.

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