Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They told me if I voted for McCain I would see constitutional rights violated

Well, I did not listen and voted for McCain. Now the rights of people who choose to fly are being violated by the government. The very government who is supposed to be defending that constitution. The 2012 campaign season is underway. Time to start veting the candidates and gettign rid of the dead wood oand fools via the primary process. There are 21 democrat incumbents plus two dependents who caucus with them for a total of 23 possible pickups. Of those, four are considered safe, five more most likely are. Nine of those are first termers in formerly red states. That means fifteen possible pickups for the republicans. Keep that in mind. Fifteen possible votes to end government abuse of American citizens in the name of freedom.
The asshates at TSA are missing the mark. What they are doing is the tactical or strategic equivelant of Straffing London with a P-51 Mustang as part of the effort to defeat Japan in WW2. Our government is stuck on stupid. but then when you have a leader who has never led anything, and no clue where to begin, this is what you get.

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