Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our great Society

When LBJ created the great society in 1964, he signed the death knell of the black family as a domestic institution. Lwas whose stated aim was to end poverty and strengthen the family have instead destroyed it. Today 72% of black mothers are unwed. Among American Indians, the rate is 66% and 53% for hispanics. Whites and Asians are low with 29% and 17% respectively.
Accusations of racism accompany every mention of this tragedy, but we are supposed to be in a post racial realm now. We elected a black president, and have many blacks serving in congress and the courts.
I won't call it racism. It is pre and simple buying votes. democrats feed the black community a string of garbage that conservatives are racist. They show their compassion by funneking dollars into the welfare scam. To get those welfare dollars though a woman must be single, have children, and a limited education. A formula ripe for destruction of the family unit. Children born to single parents are more likely to perform poorly in school, be criminals, and use drugs. They als oare more apt to have children out of wedlock, fueling the fire that is destroying the black community in America.

I have been harping on this for a long time. Today, I found yet another article on this matter here.
We will not win as long as we reward BAD behavior. The cycle needs to be broken before it breaks America.

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