Saturday, October 22, 2011

Border dumping

Felipe Calderon is upset at the US policy of dumping illegal alien criminals at the border rather then prosecuting and locking them up here. he blames the increase in crime along the border on this policy, and he may be right. Those criminals came from every part of Mexico. Concentrating them a the border is not smart on our part. There is not a lot to do in the border communities if you are not into drug smuggling or human trafficking.
We need to rethink our policy. When I was a kid on the farm, dad or mom would regularly load up all the kittens and take them for a ride. It seemed that 99% of em always made it back. One time I remember them beating us home. We went to town and did a little shopping, maybe an hour, When we got home, those kittens had all returned. Same problem with border dumping, if they don't find something to keep them in Mexico, they will return.
According to Homeland Security, 400,000 were transported to the border and released, mostly criminals. I cannot fathom that many being trucked back, that's over 1000 each day! How many of them were returned multiple times?
Here are my suggestions,
1. Castrate them before dumping them. We could have ten guys trained in a matter of weeks. Ranchers regularly castrate bulls on the range, a simple arrangement at the border and we could be denutting them at the release point. if they return, the pecker is next.
If that doesn't work, step two is return them to Mexico City. Since I doubt Felipe will allow those planes to land, make it night flights, and drop them from an altitude low enough they won't suffer from oxygen deprivation, but high enough they have time to royally shit themselves before impact. Do it on a moonless night for added drama. Shit themselves? Did I say anything about parachutes? Those things cost money! give em a ruck sack full of rocks.
I don't mind immigrants. my grandparents were immigrants, I am dating an immigrant, I live with several immigrants. Heck, I don't really mind illegal immigrants as long as they work hard, mind their own business, understand they do not have rights, and obey our laws. Yes I understand they are breaking the law by being here, but I also know what kind of shit holes they left to come here. In spite of Barry the butthead, we are still the land of opportunity. He has tried, but has yet to get us to the standards of Cuba, or Zimbabwe
If they are willing to work their asses off, and the company they work for pays taxes just as if they were a regular citizen, I ain't gonna get all bent out of shape about it. remember, if Taco Bell hires them, they deduct income tax, which they can never get a refund on. Its a win for the government in a sense, although getting a welfare puke to do the job would be better, IF the welfare puke would work. Heck, I'd bet that if the government got real, and ended Social suckerty disability tomorrow, every stinking one of them would find a job in a month. it might be sucking dick, but they would not starve to death.
As for the criminals, they are Felipe's criminals, why should we pay to house them? he can build a few more jails and create jobs in Mexico.

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