Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi is dead

But that is not necessarily a good thing. Let me be clear, I am glad to see him deposed, and happy he is dead. His forty two year reign of evil should have ended decades ago. We should have targeted him and gone all in after the Berlin bombing. We did not. We allowed this scum bag to exhale pollution for another nearly thirty years. Reagans mistake.
So why is his death not a good thing? As with all things, whether bacteria or rodents, something else will now take his spot. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the void left in Libya will soon be filled. Nature has another interesting bad trend, that is chaos. If things are neat, they rarely stay that way, and if things are disorderly, they tend to devolve to worse. So it is with nations, families, and every other form of community.
When the US removed Saddam Insane from power, they went in and took control. It was not imperialism, it was respecting the lessons we learned through history. After WW1 we allowed Germany self government. Instead of a nifty transition to republican government, they experienced chaos. That chaos, that inability to build a government of the people led in short order to the rise of Hitler, and we had it all to do over again.
Now, I'm not saying that the muslim botherhood are Nazi's, don't infer that. What we have is a group of ideological thugs who are crazed by power. They have raped women, and brutalized many in the nation. They are not interested in a republic, they want another dictatorship, one governed by their twisted interpretation of the satanic verses, the koran.
Our Arabic idiot president fucked up. When he decided to get involved in his kinetic military action, He failed fully to think long term. he did not vet the coalition inside Libya that he chose to support. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I would not want to believe he supported them knowing what kind of rabid skunks they are.
Carter gave us the Islamic revulsion in Iran. ObamAA+ is out to beat him by giving us destabilized regimes in Egypt, Libya, and possibly Iraq. Things ain't lookin too bright in Syria either. I don't know how it could get worse then it was, But I expect its gonna be one heck of a lot worse. With radical change like that on the borders of Israel, I expect we are seeing serious trouble for them. It will be compounded if this idiot stays in the White House much longer as he has shown he has no love for our traditional allies.


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Gregory said...

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