Friday, October 14, 2011

But can he work with Klingons?

Good old for nothing Mitt says he can work with "good" democrats. Heck, anybody could... If there were such a thing. We need some one in the White House who can contend with the low life back stabbing liars, not compromise with the ueless fucks. We want to roll back the destruction, not slow it down.
Enough of Romney. He has good values and seems like a nice guy, but he is NOT presidential at this point in his life.
We do not need another George HW Bush, who gets fucked over by playing nice with the assholes, We need some one who will not bend, won't budge, and above all will not tolleate the intollerable.


Gregory said...

Here here ! Sarah Palin fits that bill. So does Michelle Bachman. Herman does too.

JeremyR said...

I'm hoping for Herman. Palin has bowed out this cycle. She will be a force in the election with out running.