Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never mess with the man who owns but one gun

I've included a pic from my collection. Near to far they are a Mossberg 800 in .243, an Eddystone M-1917 30-06, an M1A 308, a Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol and a Marlin Glennfield 75C .22 which I modified myself back in 1986.

Paraphrased, the saying goes never mess with a man who owns but one gun, chances are he knows exactly how to use it. Those who have read my blog know by now that I own quite a few more then just one. Its no secret. I began collecting when I was sixteen, and gun smithing when I was twenty two. It is by no means a profession for me, but rather a serious hobby dedicated to freedom.

In the wars that were waged in the early part of the twentieth century, the arms of the soldier were bolt action repeater rifles. Some machine guns were in use, but for the man in the trench, his beloved was a bolt action Enfield, Mauser, or Springfield. Accuracy mattered. The second shot required actions that made follow up placement difficult. As history marched on, newer weapons replaced accuracy with volume. By Vietnam, thousands of rounds were being fired for every enemy killed. Men like Carlos Hathcock reintroduced the art of the single shot kill. Snipers were long a dirty word, and in many conflicts, a sniper captured by the enemy was assured a horrible death. The idea of a hunter of man on an urban field was unfair to many.

A lot of debates are afire these days regarding guns. While the looming threat of congressional action to reinstate the various bans and forge new ones has dimmed with Heller, the dangers we face as a society are no less real. Recent events through out the world have shown that we live in times that are far from stable. Unrest in several nations has toppled governments, and while unrest here in the United States does not yet threaten our republic, it is present and growing. Now is not the time to be unarmed. What to buy, what to buy what to buy. The question is enormous. If you have limited funds as many of us now do, the idea of a good black rifle would require a considerable investment of precious dollars and might involve a wait of many months. To what avail? If the unruly were to decide to revolt, one would be forced to act fast. Most wars are come as you are, and unarmed is not a good option. What to do?

The traditional reasons for owning a gun are many, Home defense, sport shooting and hunting are only three very good reasons to have firearm. Who needs a reason though, isn't it a constitutionally protected right? We live in troubled times though. The constitution is under assault by evil forces. Make no mistake they have an agenda, and it is not keeping junior from accidentally shooting the kitten either. If you add anarchy prevention and national defense you stand a chance at getting to the crux of the problem. Frankly, everyone should own a gun.

So what gun is the right choice? Any gun store worth its salt will have several hundred to chose from in a range of calibers that boggles the mind. You could go with a black gun, arms such as the venerable AR-15, civilian cousin to the oft derided M-16 mighty mattel. You can opt for an SKS on a budget, or even an old L3A3 CMETE, or other variant of a foreign service rifle.

If you want my advise, and if you've read this far, you do, get two guns. Pick out a good well built .22 rifle to plink and practice with. Practice does not make perfect, but it gives you an understanding of why you missed and where to place the next shot. There are several good options out there, the Ruger 10-22 and Marlin 60 series families are both great options. Both are well built and have a confirmed reputation for durability and reliability.

The second rifle is the harder choice. A good hunting or varmint grade rifle can be had for a lot less then an AR. Half or less, and if you shop carefully, even as low as 1/6 the price of an AR.

Caliber is another consideration. I recommend something in a popular caliber. We can debate all day the advantages of our pet round. Whether it be the 270 vs 30-06 argument, or comparisons of the 257 Roberts vs the 280 Remington or 6.8 SPC vs 6.5 Grendel, days weeks or years can be wasted on mind numbing commentary. I advise that you pick a caliber that is common and reasonable. No use going bankrupt on a box of ammo. The goal here is to get good and be confident.

Getting to know your weapon isn't crazy. As part of my training in the military, we would take several weapons and put the parts in a box. With a blindfold on, we would attempt to reassemble those firearms with ever faster times being the goal. Ever see the scene in The Unit where Brown is tested? Its real, we do that. Malfunctions happen in the dead of night when a simple light will draw unwanted attention and bullets. Knowing what to do is as important as shot placement.

Most people are 100 yard shooters. They do not take the time to practice, and therefore anything in the medium range and beyond is a waste of lead. Practice folks, that is what the 22 is all about. With a little effort its possible to group 2 inches at 200 yards with a Ruger 10-22. If my wife can, you can. Don't pick perfect days to shoot either. Bad things happen at the wrong times for the wrong reasons. I spent an afternoon several months ago with a 40 mph plus cross wind popping Pepsi bottles. I was giving over a foot of Kentucky windage to keep the shots on target.

Red Dawn laid out a scenario of a massive invasion by Soviet and Cuban forces. The odds of that happening are slim, unless of course, you live in Georgia, Armenia, or any other Former Soviet Republic. If the USA were to be attacked successfully, something would have to be done first to cripple our armed forces. Four years of democrat control of congress won't quiet do that, but it sure didn't help. Frankly, many evil forces wait for the chance to pounce. We are big, soft, and vulnerable if our military is distracted or depleted. Learning the basics of marksmanship could be essential.

Am I saying the Cubans are waiting? No, I'm not. Other dangers lurk for you and your family. As drug usage increases, and our economy continues to tank, those who live on the fringe of the law are becoming more desperate. If you live on the outskirts of town, on a dark street, or in a bad area, you could be vulnerable. Frankly, thugs can go just about anywhere. The down and outers may see you as wealthy and take covetousness to the next level. They regard your hard earned property as community, and if the law is away, thugs will prey. Best be prepared. Yes, that might be a close quarters encounter, but its one you'd better win. Some years back. A group of narco officers confronted a car load of determined criminals. All members were armed with high capacity semi autos. All members had at least one spare mag of ammo. The entire dance was caught by a security camera on a nearby building. The festivities began with the bad guys bailing out of their vehicle as the cops exited theirs. With no formalities, both sides drew and commenced to fire. Nearly 180 rounds were fired by five men at a distance of less then fifty feet. There was no cover as they were between the vehicles, not by the doors. The act ended when the bad guys, out of ammo, selected the Jesse Owens option and ran for their freedom. One was tackled on camera while the other made it several hundred yards, returning in cuffs less then a minute later. As I remember it, only one guy was nicked, and it was debatable whether it was a bullet or a glass fragment that hit him. These Police were professionals. That they missed such close shots speaks volumes to the effects of adrenaline on the human condition. That no bystanders were hit also speaks volumes, it was not an empty street.

In any scenario you encounter, chances are you won't need a hundred rounds unless you plan on missing. A lot. Even if it came to a civil war here at home, you, Joe Average, probably won't need the thousand rounds of full auto capability we all dream of. Mobs would likely consist of a half dozen at most. Frankly, drugies usually are too paranoid to last in large groups.

In your house, you will face added factors, location of family will be of tantamount importance.

Preparation is physical and mental. Have a plan. Have a back up plan. Be ready, now is not the time for drunken stupor. Know yourself and be confident. You can win only if you train, so my admonition to you is become the man who knows exactly how to use it.

Note: I wrote this several years ago and it was posted at blogmocracy. I forgot to post it here, so am updating it and posting it now.

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