Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Bye Big Boy

The US is dismantling the last of the B-53 nuclear bombs, the biggest in our arsenal. these behemoths have been the king pin of nuclear deterrent since I was a wee one. With a yield 600 times greater then the bombs dropped on Japan to end WW2, these were a mighty force. They were intended to go after hardened and buried targets in a time when accuracy was hard to achieve, and collateral damage second or last in the list of considerations.
They had been retired from our arsenal in 1997, but were sitting around waiting for the proverbial ax. That ax has now fallen. Today's nuclear bombs, while smaller, are more lethal in that they are pinpoint accurate. We don't need to level a district to eliminate one factory. we proved that in our attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, we don't need nukes to achieve 99.99% of our goals in any war. They are there for deterrent purposes. Mutually assured destruction! You may get us, but we will get you. All of you. That thought worked well with the soviets. It does not work with Jihadists who welcome death. For them, we need a revived doomsday weapon. Our new lead deterrent needs to be a MOAB wrapped in bacon. nothing like the assurance of death with pork and a trip to hell forever to ward off islamists bent on our destruction.

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