Monday, October 3, 2011

Time to Amend the Constitution?

No matter how I look at it, everything I see tells me that ObamAA+ violated al Awlaki's constitutional rights when he had him assassinated. This is like the old saw about watching your mother in law back over a cliff in your brand new Lincoln. you want to cry and do cart wheels.

The sobering reality is that absent a congressional decision to impeach the President for murder, this will become precedent, and that is scary. You piss off the governor of Nebraska, and then while vacationing in Colorado, he has you shot? Yes, it could get that bad. The real answer, in my humble opinion is to amend the U.S. Constitution and establish a path for correcting such problems.

I believe that if a person commits a crime that is a felony, and flees the country, a system should be in place to strip him of his citizenship, try him in absentia, and once a guilty verdict is handed down, have him assassinated by a diplomatic envoy sent to the country in which he is hiding. He should be afforded one chance to return to the US by surrendering himself at the embassy or consulate, or by having the local police transport him to the embassy, and that chance should be limited to something like thirty days from the date of the verdict. Publish one notification via the embassy, in as many papers as is practical in the country he is believed to be hiding in. Notify all close relatives, parents, spouse, children, and siblings of the order so they can inform him, but do not disclose whether his location is known or suspected, then following a grace period of a set specific number of days, a death warrant goes into effect, and he can be shot like a dog in the street.
All felons should be stripped of citizenship. Not permanently, but for a set specific time frame. No right to vote or own property is already the case in some states. That is not fair in my opinion unless it is for a set time that corresponds to the severity of the crime. Once that time has elapsed, they could apply to have their rights restored and it must be granted. It should also be worded in such a way to prevent it from being done by the states to criminals who flee to other states but remain with in the country, unless the state to which they flee refuses to extradite them.

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