Saturday, October 29, 2011

Redneck dream car

When most people conjure up an image of a redneck and his vehicle, the vehicle is most often a truck. A BIG truck. One with four wheel drive, tires that could do justice to a Steiger farm tractor, exhaust that rivals a band of Hells Angels for symphony, and gas mileage that would be the envy of an Abrams tank.
Rednecks though love cars as well. anything with muscle, style, and a little flare. My favorite over the years has been the Ford Mustang. Sadly, few of the original ponies remain. Rust and hard roads have turned all but a few of the original 64 1/2 through 66 beauties into scrap. The remaining few are in the hands of collectors who prize them like gold.
Dynacom Corp though has just announced the return of the classic Ford! For a mere $15,000, one can purchase a brand new Ford Mustang convertible body ready for motor, axles, and interior. For those of you who are still clinging to the dream, here is your chance.

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