Sunday, May 18, 2014

American Spring

You probably won't read about it on the news, nor see it mentioned on CNN. In fact, other than a post about it at SondraK, it has pretty much not been mentioned at all on any of the blogs I read. Were it not for a friend who is very much behind this movement, I would likely not have gotten wind of it at all.
It looks though like it may have fizzled. I don't know. Some are saying the NSA shut it down, I don't think that has happened.
I do think Colonel Harry Riley set his sights a little too high though. Getting 100,000 to Washington would have been a great goal and accomplishment. Getting that number when your goal was 10 million? Not so much. I Don't know how many went. Suffice it to say, May 16 was a lousy week end for it, graduation is happening, and most conservatives are responsible parents who are there for their kids, nieces and nephews, and even the neighbors assbrat. You know, the kid who spends more time in detention the nin class, the one who they only pass on to be rid of, him.
Its hard to pick a perfect weekend for an event such as this. Most conservatives have jobs,real jobs, the kind where you gotta show up to keep it, get a pay check, and support a family. We are not like the libtards of mock-u-py who got locked out of moms basement when they moved to Central rape park.
No matter what, we still need to get the message through to the dipshits in Washington, and let them know we are not happy.

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