Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If you like your nuts, you can keep your nuts... Oops

Socialized hellcare strikes again! The Europeon model for Obozo care, the British NHS is the subject of tonights screw up royal.
A man in Liverpool was to receive a urological procedure. Instead, he got a vasectomy. OK, not as bad as getting castrated, but still he will no longer be able to father children.
The upside is, it could have been worse, they could have removed his brain. Heaven forbid, we have enough democrats. The down side is, the chances of a reversal are only about 40% although in-vitro fertilization is an option.  All the problems of children, none of the fun. Then again, he won't have to worry about paternity suits either.
Keep this in mind as we are forced to endure Oblowme care. We had the best medical system in the world bar none. That has changed. the problem was tort reform and insurance scamming. Neither problem was solved, and the scammers may even have it easier now.
How long until Americans will be sneaking across the pond to get their surgery?

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