Friday, May 9, 2014

Whats wrong with breast feeding in public

Over the last few years I have seen several stories about women who were feeding their infants in public and asked or forced to stop. Small children get hungry, and they can be demanding. There is nothing worse to hear then the cries of a small child who is in distress. If that sound doesn't bother you, maybe parenting should not be in your future. Some mothers today forgo breast feeding. for many the reason is their schedule. For others, they worry about their figure. Some just don't understand.
My first wife has a small chest. (so do two and three) I am not in to milk cows, I left the dairy farm when I graduated high school. When our first child was born, she indicated that she would breast feed. Needless to say, the comments about the kid starving flew like ducks in autumn. Our daughter did not starve. none of our kids came even close.
One time, we were entertaining friends, and the evening got late. Our daughter was on moms lap, and she was cranky.  My wife gave her a tit, and she nursed, then fell asleep.
Right in the middle though, the husband who was visiting whispered something to his wife, she whispered back, and he turned crimson.
Later I learned that he asked his wife if my wife was breast feeding. My wife, to do it,would place the child on her lap, then raise her shirt just enough so they could latch on to lunch. She kept a hand in place,and no one, not even me, got a glimpse of her boobs.
Its possible to be discreet, but when the child gets older, it becomes difficult. Toddlers like to play peekaboo. Yes, if you area jerk, and stare at a woman who is breast feeding, you may get a glimpse of her breast. If that turns you on, then fine, just remember, you are the pervert,and the problem is all inside your head.
If the site of a woman's breasts so offends you though, I have some different advice, close your eyes or turn your head.  Just because you are a jerk doesn't mean you must continuously act like one.
I was glad to read about the ad campaign  Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro are doing. though it was intended as a class project, I hope it gets fuel and more states quit denying mothers and children their right to nourish and nurture.
I Also applaud the women who posed.  That takes courage, None of them are porn stars, just mothers who love their children.

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