Friday, May 23, 2014

Give the illegals Oblowme Care

I have thought long and hard about the two subjects most in the news with regard to our medical treatment here in the U.S.A. And I believe I have a solution that should be acceptable for every one.
Illegals have been receiving medical care at our hospitals and Emergency Rooms for decades. In some regions they clog the system, and have even bankrupted a couple of hospitals. All because they do not have health care available to them. Our veterans on the other hand are all supposed to receive treatment from the VA at no charge. Due to Obamanomics, and the wars against muslim aggression, we have a huge increase in the number of people seeking treatment through the V.A.
Here is my solution. Lets begin with our veterans. Every Vet should be given the option of who he wants to see. They should have vouchers, or EBT cards that enable them to receive treatment from any physician and it be billed to the V.A. That would cut the back log at all the V.A. hospitals and allow vets to not have to travel for doctor visits.
As for the illegals, make them sign up for Oblowme care. No one else wants it. Every one should have a premium they have to pay, and an established plan deductible, and copay once that deductible is reached. So lets do this, $1200 monthly premium for a single, and $1150 for each additional family member. $2,000,000 yearly deductible for a single member, and $3,000,000 for a family. All amounts below that would be paid by the recipient, or his home nation, in most cases, Mexico. Once the deductible is reached, 99% copay. Lets keep em healthy, I hate pickin waterlemons.
Now, for those who are vets, and are not citizens, They, like our vets who are, deserve our respect and care. If they served a minimum of four years, or were wounded in combat, automatic citizenship. Yes, I'm serious. They put it on the line for this nation, they have earned it. It should be part of the discharge process from the military if they served honorably.

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